All You Need to Know about Automatic Case Packer (2023)

The packing machine is the core of the operation of the entire packaging production line system. Transparency Market Research Inc. statistics show that the global case packer market was worth $1.6 billion in 2021. The global case packer market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.6% from 2022 to 2027. The global case packer market is expected to reach USD 2.1 billion by 2027.

The development of automatic case packing machine technology has played a significant role in developing the whole packing machine. In this article, we will discuss case packers' application, types, working principles, advantages, and considerations for a better understanding of case packers.

Overview of the case packer

The case packer is an automatic equipment that integrates automatic feeding products, automatic counting, and automatic alignment according to a certain arrangement. Nowadays, case packers are widely used in various industries, such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, cosmetics, and more.

All packaging systems belong to four automation levels. There are manual, semi-automated, automated, and fully automated packing. As the name suggests, with the manual packing machine, the whole process is done by people. Semi-automated packing refers to the manual supply of packaging materials while the machine automatically completes other packaging processes. On the other hand, automated packing provides an automated baling process, and the operator only needs to perform background tasks. At last, fully automated packing imply that the entire packaging process becomes completely automated. From shipping the cases, putting the products into the cases, packing, and finally sending the finished product to the warehouse, no operator is required. 


Automatic case packers working principle

The working process of the automatic case packer seems simple, but it is very complex. At an early stage, the cases transport inside the machine by the conveyor belt. The robotic arm moves to the end of the conveyor belt, grips the product with a gripper, and puts the product into the case. After the packaging is completed, the conveyor transports the packaged products to the automatic folding and sealing machine. After the photoelectric switch senses the case's arrival, it automatically folds the top cover and seals the case with tape. At this point, the packaging process is over.


The advantages of automatic case packers 

Using an automatic case packer can benefit both the product and the business. The following are the advantages of an automatic case packer:

1. Reduced labor costs: Automatic case packers reduce the need for human labor during packing and preparation. In response, automatic case packers can reduce 10-12 laborers per production line, saving about 80% of labor costs.

2. Use fewer packaging materials: The automatic case packer can ensure that the exact amount of material is used each time, saving the cost of packaging materials.

3. Increased working speed: The packing speed of the automatic case packer is 10 times faster than manual labor. Thus the company can significantly improve its working efficiency.

4. Easy to operate: No additional processing is required during the packing process with the automatic packing machine. All it takes is an operator to input the corresponding dimensions, and the machine does the rest.

5. Reduce Repetitive Strain Injuries: Repetitive strain injuries can reduce employee productivity and job satisfaction. Automated case packers can reduce risk to employees and companies.


Considerations for Automatic Case Packers Purchase

A good case packer is a long-term investment. It must be durable and flexible enough to keep up with the industry's rapidly changing dynamics. The following factors provide some basic considerations that can be used in selecting a case packer.

- Type

The type of product usually affects the type of automatic case packers. When choosing a case packer, it is necessary to combine the types and characteristics of the product. For example, products in the beverage category normally require a drop packer or soft lay packer. Boxed products can choose a side-loading case packer, because it is easier to push the product from the side than top-loading.

- Machine load

Choosing a case packer requires making sure it is designed for the job. Before selecting an automated case packer, consider factors such as the weight of the product being handled, actual production rates, and weekly run times. Although the initial cost may be higher, the reduced life-cycle cost will justify the initial investment.

- Ease of changeover

A changeover refers to changing the settings on a machine to pack different products. For example, enterprises should choose an automatic case packer that can be rapidly converted into machine settings to help the production line resume work faster.


Pharmapack: ALFC-04S Automatic Case Packer

As manufacturers need to keep up with production demands, many are turning to automated packaging machines as a solution. The ALFC-04S Automatic Case Packer from Pharmapack is a great automated solution. 

Our product is made of stainless steel and plexiglass, and the overall design is desirable. The whole machine adopts imported electrical components, which make our products stable and durable with high safety performance. 

Incoming materials are stacked according to the correct number of specifications, and then pushed by cylinders, making the packing speed faster and more flexible. 

The ALFC-04S automatic case packer has a box feeding system. The boxes are extracted by suction cups and equipped with a protective cover. Therefore, the suction cup of this case packer is less prone to damage than ordinary systems.

Our products can also arrange the boxes neatly, which is helpful for back-end boxing. The maximum production speed of this automatic packaging machine can reach 5 boxes per minute.

The ALFC-04S automatic case packer has a simple structure, and the driving device is installed behind the back plate. The equipment has a safety door to allow operators to enter each station and clean debris easily.

It is convenient to adjust the operating parameters of our machinery, and can realize the switching of different product specifications without delay. Furthermore, the case packer is also equipped with a user-friendly man-machine interface and a code-scanning station, making it more convenient for operators.


Contact us for more information about ALFC-04S Automatic Case Packer!



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