PID-20 High speed pouch desiccant inserter
PID-20 High speed pouch desiccant inserter
Maximum Production Speed:200 bottles/min (depending on the size of the product being inspected)



Max. speed 

200 bottles/min

Air pressure


Air consumption


Power supply

AC460V 50/60Hz 400W





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PID-20 High speed Sachet Desiccant Inserter is a specialized equipment designed to cut the desiccant sachet automatically and insert it into bottles, cartons and bags which are filled with tablets, pills, capsules or other solid medicament, it is designed for industry of pharmaceutical, health care and foodstuff and other similar fields. Its compact structure and fine design allow for easy maintenance and conform to GMP standards equipped with Servo-driven and PLC control system with touch screen offering easy and reliable operation.

The machine can be used separately or combined with a fully automatic unscrambler, automatic electric tablet/capsule counter, screw capper, electric-magnetic induction sealer and labeler etc. equipment made by our company to form an integrated packaging line for plastic containers also can be incorporated with other similar packaging line.

Working process
As the above picture, the sachet desiccants are loaded onto uncoiling roll. The desiccant roll rounds across each roller and goes to length transmit device, then to desiccant cut device at last. When sensor detects bottles on conveyor, length of desiccant switch will be triggered and the desiccant will be cut by cutting knife(general gate is closed). Non-broken desiccant will be dropped into bottles by opening general gate. When camera detects broken desiccant through clear nozzle, general gate will not be opened until broken desiccant is cleared and present bottle will be rejected. The pneumatic system shifts bottles automatically when bottle shift time delay is reached(camera detection system is optional).  

During the whole process, desiccant roll is tightly pressed by length control unit. Cutting length and cutting position is respectively controlled by servo motor and detect sensor.  

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